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Hello and Merry Christmas guys,
Now lets get down to what I need some help with. I have an Asus GTX 470 Nvidia Graphics Card. I am running Windows 7 and have had that card for a couple of months now. So now Asus Smart Doctor is running aswell and it says YOUR VGA CARD IS O.K, just like it said when the card was brand new. BUT, now you guys probly know that Asus Smart Doctor shows the temperatures for the VGA chip and the VGA memory. Well since a few weeks now it does not show the temperatures for the VGA memory anymore. :( Does anyone know why? Should I worry, should i not worry? Please help, I have reinstalled Asus Smart Doctor a few times now and the problem is still there, IT WON'T SHOW MY GPU'S MEMORY TEMPERATURE! Please Help:) :D

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  1. See what gpu-z sensors show.

    The new version of GPU-Z is out. This version improves the support of GeForce GTX 480 with full voltage controller and real-time clock monitoring monitoring.

    Here is a screenshot of all sensors available for a GTX 480: ;)

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