Screw stuck in the motherboard please Help!!

Hi everyone,
I recently started to build my first computer from scratch. In the process of assembling my computer I screwed a wrong type of screw in the screw hole on my motherboard. So now I have this one screw that wouldn't fit in all the way and it also wouldn't come out. I tried to turn the screw counter clockwise for about 720 degree turn ( I mean 2 full rounds) then I hear this loud *clack* metallic noise and it seems to reset it position somehow making me unable to extract it out. I kept turning counter clockwise again and again, but it only make that clack metallic noise and the screw still won't come out.

I tried to use a pliers but I'm unable to get a firm grip at the screw head since it position was too near the ram slot and some other motherboard component, plus the screw head was somewhat round so the pliers cannot hold it firmly. I'm out of solution please help, my motherboard is an ATX P8H67-V so I guess that's standard size.
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  1. If you are talking about a motherboard mounting screw, you will need to gently grasp the metal riser under the board with a small needle nose pliers and hold it while you gently remove the screw. It is jammed in the metal riser and when you turn it the riser is backing out of the case.

    Be careful and gentle doing this or you could damage your motherboard.
  2. Can you please elaborate a bit more, where in the metal riser ( I guess this is the metal plate beneath the motherboard?) do I need to use the pliers. I only have a standard head pliers would that be usable? Also what do you mean by the riser is backing out of the case?

    I understand this is also very tricky that's why I didn't want to apply any brute method for fear of damaging my motherboard. However because the screw is in the central position near the RAM slot on the right of CPU, it is an important place because I need to apply pressure to put RAM stick in the place. At the moment my motherboard seems to flex quite a bit whenever I apply pressure to it so I'm very worried.
  3. This is like any other screw that wont come out... Use a small flat screw driver under the head of the screw and apply lifting pressure while unscrewing it...

    Or do as the previous pêrson mentionned... access the rear of the motherboard to old the brass end of the standoff... the screw is stuck in this brass standoff
  4. Would that damage the motherboard if I use the flat screw driver to push the screw head up?
  5. Not if you do it properly and the screwdriver doesnt slip :D
  6. Most cases have small metal standoffs about 1/2 inch (~ 1 cm) tall to keep the back of the motherboard from touching the metal of the case and creating a ground. There will be between 6 and 9 used depending on the motherboard.

    You cannot use regular pliers to do as I suggest and probably not even needle nose if it is in the middle of the board. Take all of the other screws out and then gently lift as you back out the stuck screw. It is best to put the memory in while the board is on a hard surface sitting on its antistatic plastic wrapper. Then re-install it using the proper case mounting standoffs to keep the board from laying on the metal case surface.
  7. JimmyLuong said:
    Would that damage the motherboard if I use the flat screw driver to push the screw head up?

    It certainly could, depends on how lucky you are today.
  8. This seems dangerous, though I guess I don't have a choice since leaving it unstable is even more dangerous. While I'm at it I would also like to ask the *clack* metallic noise I'm hearing is coming from the metal raiser right? I sincerely hope is not my motherboard that is making that noise
  9. I expect that the noise you hear is the standoff spinning and hitting the case, as it is probably unscrewed from the case already.
  10. Thanks guys, I got it out finally with your tip. Just wanted to say that :D.
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