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i have and alienware m17 r1 laptop which stopped working. my computer guy told me that the motherboard and processor are short. i found the motherboard but i am not able to find the processor because ithe structure of the processor is different then the usual ones . normally processors for laptops are not suppose to have pins i guess but this one has is a pinned processor. its intel core 2 dua 2.26 ghz.
can anybody please help my.
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  1. I'm sure the best course of action is contacting Dell/Alienware direct with your serial number etc and see what they say,
    All I can find is its a 'high-end dual core processor'
    sorry man,
  2. i think dell knows better than us.And we should know better not to mess around with dell.
  3. Hehe, you know it man
    if op had a running system then hw monitor or cpu-z was the advice ofc, but as its a paperweight, its phonecall time hehe
  4. i also have an m17 i want to upgrade my CPU , i currently have a Intel core duo socket p
    i think its p8400 im not sure , but i am willing to sell it to you
  5. ^Run cpu-z to identify the chip fully and post back, Op may be interested if its the right one
  6. ok will do asap
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