I just reformated to windows 7 an my wireless router is disabled where do i get

hi i just recently updated my whole computer by wiping everything to windows 7 ult. and im haveing a problem where i can not connect to wireless internet. it sais it canot detect my wireless adapter. im useing linksys wireless G WMP54G and iv tryed going to there site downloading versions 2.0, and non of them worked, iv had this wireless card for along time maby 6 years and i really dont feel the need to buy a new one as it iwas working like 10 days ago before i decided to do this reformat. so is there any one out there that can specificly guide me with links to where i would be able to transfer a driver to my messed up computer. much appreciated via usb. i really need a driver update and i cant find where..... :??:
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  1. The router's probably okay as it's indifferent to the Operating System. If the wireless adapter is 6 years old it probably won't have a driver for Win7. Best to save time and swearing and buy a new one.

    Also, Windows 7 sees yet another slightly mad Microsoft stab at Networking -- I thought XP was so much better than Win98 but I can't see how Win7 is any advance -- it just seems to have introduced new terminology and confusions.
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