Should I upgrade my pentium 4 to a Core 2 Quad

I am thinking of upgrading my cpu and was wondering if it was worthwhile.I am currently running a Pentium 4 @ 3.0 with one core.I have found a good deal online for a Q8400 for 150 chf
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  1. Hello and welcome to the forums :)
    Core 2 CPUs are EOL but if you can't afford the Core i CPUs,then Q8400 is a huge step up from your P4
  2. Thanks. I for the advice.I think I will go for the Q8400 since it is quad core and much faster than my p4
  3. A core 2 duo would be a big upgrade as well, and a lot cheaper. If another component on your computer bottlenecks, you might not see much additional benefit from a quad vs a dual core. What is the rest of your system, and it's use?
  4. Are you sure that your motherboard supports an upgrade to the Q8400?
    It might be LGA 755 (Socket T) but that doesn't mean that it will support such an upgrade at all.
    In other words just because a CPU can physically fit in a socket doesn't mean that it's supported or will work.
    One ideally should know the supported CPU's on the manufacturers website for that particular model.
  5. YES!
    I'm running a Q8300 right now and it serves me well on just about everything.
  6. What are you using the PC for?

    Also PC specs would be nice - It may be you end up chucking money at it for no reason...
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