Can my Gigabyte GIGABYTE P35-DS3P support nVidia QUADRO 3800FX -

Can my Gigabyte GIGABYTE P35-DS3P support nVidia QUADRO 3800FX - it doesn't work! It gets up the MOBO's LOGO site and it stops there! I Have 550W Chieftec powersuplly, 8GB of DDR2 RAM, QUAD CORE 2.4 CPU and 4 HDDs---

I've tried simply everything...
I've unplugged all the disks and USB periferals - left on just OS-Hard Disk and it still just gets up my MOBO's LOGO screen and freezes there - tried direct DVI, DispPort2DVI, DispPort2HDMI - result is always the same!!!

Can it be that Intel's 35 chipset is to "old" for QUADRO 3800 (1GB GDDR3)

Please help if you can - I gave quite a fortune to get this VGA from dreams, hoped that I'll be already editing my video yesterday, but it's killing me - so desperately!!!!

And all the best to all of you ppl around the world!!!
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  1. have u installed the driver properly?
  2. Well, I've had ATI HD 3850 before this one, so I uninstalled those drivers, but COULD NOT install nVIDIA drivers before WINDOWS BOOTED with new Hardware in it - and it never did....

    In the meantime, I've switched MotherBoard from Gigabyte P35 to ASUS P5Q Pro...

    Now it works as I only wish it did....

    I can only guess whether the problem was simple non-support of GIGABYTE mobos from nVidia QUADRO's side, or was it too old chipset (on Gigabyte it was P35 and on Asus P45), OR maybe it was the fact that (I belive) Gigabyte MOBO has PCI-Ex16 v.1 and ASUS has PCI_Ex16 v.2 ----- Maybe this CUDA card nis version 2.0 of PCI-Ex16...

    Anyhow, I guess I'll never know for sure:(

    But thanks for your help, anyway and all the best in New Year!

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