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So, I recently cleared out a virus from my computer. Everything seems to work fine except for the sound. However, I know the speakers are plugged in and working because when I go to test the sound I hear the test music just fine and sound from programs I run sound fine. It's just when I go on the web and I'm watching something that should have sound, I don't hear anything and yes I have made sure the sound is not set to mute and is up on the websites. I've also checked the dxdiag and the drivers are installed and test sounds sound fine...not sure what's going on, help would be great.
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  1. are they specific websites?
    And what browser are you using?
  2. No, they are not specific websites. I have tried a variety of sites online and nothing has sound. HOWEVER, I started up safari and the sound seems to work fine on it. I uninstalled and erinstalled IE and same problem, this is getting irritating.
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