Question about RAM timings on a P55 motherboard.

Hey all, I'm getting my tax refund back soon so, naturally, I decided to upgrade my rig. I was shopping around on NewEgg for some 16GB kits (4x4) and noticed this one in particular:

The thing that caught my eye was that the latency is REALLY good when compared to this one:

I was curious as to if I would be able to get the 7-7-7-21 timings of the former set on my P55 motherboard (it supports XMP) and if there's any reason I should go with the latter one at all? Any council on this issue would be appreciated. Thanks in advance!
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  1. For the same price, I'd go for the set with the lower latencies. No brainer.
  2. So, I would be able to get those latencies on my P55 board? There's nothing stopping me at all? Sorry to sound newb-ish but once I saw the kit with the lower latencies for the same price, the phrase "too good to be true" flashed through my head.
  3. There's no reason your motherboard shouldn't support the lower latencies.
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