Is the 1090T too weak to support a 5970/5870 crossfire even when OCd?

I've read that a 5970 ist just about as much as a 1090T can handle and a cross- resp. trifire with another card would cause the 1090T to seriously bottleneck and therefore would not be a worthwile consideration. Now I've seen on youtube someone building a 1090T rig with two 5970s in cross- resp. quadfire but he didn't show any performance tests like benchmarks and also didn't comment on it.

So, would an overclocked 1090T, maybe to 4.1Ghz, still be too weak for a 5970/5870 crossfire combination?


My PC:

1090T @4.1GHz
4 x 2 GB DDR3 1600Mhz G.Skill
Graphics Card
XFX 5970 Black Edition
Hard Drive
1x X25-M 80GB 2X SpinPoint F3 1TB
Power Supply
Corsair HX 850W
HAF 932
CPU cooling
Noctua NH-D14
GPU cooling
Windows 7 64 Bit Professional & Win XP 32 Bit Pro
Hanns-G HZ281HPB 1920x1200 27.5"
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  1. No,you'll be fine.(Of course having a faster CPU is better but 1090@4.1 is fine)
  2. The best CPU for CF would be a SB OCed above 4GHz but what will matter the most is the resolution you plan to play at. Since you will play at 1920x1200 it will be a good setup.

    With a setup like that though, honestly you want a multi monitor setup to really take advantage of the GPU power and eliminate the bottlenecks.
  3. you would really have a massive cpu bottleneck.But yes it would run fine.
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