Video Card Died Need Help for choosing replacement

Hello All,
My 8800GT just died.
I am looking for a replacement
I am a WOW gamer.
My system is as follows:
AMD Phenom II 955
G.SKILL Ripjaw 8 gig
Corsair 750 watt PS

I am looking at spending around $125 -$225.
I dont want a bd that will blow everything out of the water. Just one that is better than my 8800gt ,which worked great.

And of course I have this week off :cry:
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  1. HD6850 or GTX460 1GB both are in your price range and more than double the performance of your 8800GT.
  2. Hello and welcome to the forums :)
    HD 6850 is a great choice
    And it's much faster than your old 8800GT.
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