Can my wireless router recognize a access point

My desktop is not wi-fi enabled
can I configure my Linksys wrt54g so that it will enable wi-fi on my desk top.
I am broadcasting my own 3g hot spot from my new Galxy s phone with the droid OS.
My laptop is already WI-Fi enabled and it recognizes my broadcast.
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  1. Some versions of the Linksys WRT54G support third party firmware, such as dd-wrt and/or tomato. So if yours is one of them, you could install that firmware and configure the router as a wireless ethernet bridge.

    <-- 3g -->[droid phone (wifi ap)]<-- wireless -->[wrt54g (wireless ethernet bridge)]<-- wire -->[desktop]

    Of course, I'm assuming the WRT54G is not presently being used as your primary router.
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