GTX 470 Power Pins

Hello.I wanted to ask something about the GTX 470.I own a Asus 470.It has 2 6-pin power connections on it.Do I have to plug two cables,or is one enough?
I'm asking this because in case I go SLI,will I need 4 power cables?

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  1. You have to use two 6-pin connection for it to work.

    If you go SLI you will need four 6-pin connections to power the two cards - if you don't have enough 6-pin connections... the GTX 470 usually comes with at least one or two power adapters to convert your other cables with power connections into a 6-pin connection.

    I bought two GTX 470 the past two months and they both came with adapters in case I don't have enough 6-pin connections...

    Your main concern should be if your power supply and if it can handle two GTX 470s...
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