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gf8200a board and xfx hd 4650 videocard 4 gigs memory double channel crucial balistic tracer leds and 4 core quad phenom 9650 amd and its new but after about a few minutes on it all freezes i freaked my nzxt cooler for my kaze 120mm fans 4x it reads 58 degrees f not even hot windows 7 64 bit ultimate and my marks are 7.1 7.3 7.1 6.9 7.2
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  1. erm, could you try and add punctuatuion in your post? kinda hard to read everything apart from one long sentence.

    calm down.

    do you get any Blue screen error messages? since when has this been happening?
  2. yes a blue screen once in a while. now i reformatted hard drive put windows7 ultimate in it froze half way threw completion? my temps are board is---78 degrees --- and my cpu is 72 I had my memory checked and its working alright in my daughters machine no problems. and my dvd-rw drive is also working right. my hard-drive formats good but cant install a new os .Because it freezes half way threw the proccess
  3. if it freezes half way through than that is a sign of the HDD failing. CPU cooelr failing since your temps are really high for an amd cpu.

    there's a troubleshooting guide in my sig, might wanna check it out.
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