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Mother board upgrade Opinions

Hey all after receiving outstanding advice from all of you with my video card question I've decided to upgrade my motherboard aswell. Being that I'm on a budget this is what I considering for my rig & I would appreciate all opinions regarding which CPU to go with this board.


Here is what I have now
Intel Pentium D 820
smithfield socket LGA 775
90nm Tenology
800 Mghz Front side bus
4 gigs ddr2 dual channel pc2 6400 ram
mmx,sse,123,emt64t technology
core speed 2793.0 Mghz x14 multiplier
PSU Corsair Gs-600
Evga Gtx275 Oc video card
Dell 1600x1200 LCD monitor

MSI Z68A-G45
(B3) Intel Z68 Motherboard ATX, Socket H2 (LGA 1155),
Intel Z68 Express
DDR3 (O.C.),
SATA III (6.0Gb/s)
RAID 8-CH Audio
Gigabit LAN
USB 3.0,
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  1. That MSI MB is deactivated at the Egg. It's replaced by the MSI Z68A-GD55 (G3), which is the same except that the replacement is PCI 3 compatible
  2. Ok Thanks for that Information I pulled that board from tigerdirect. I'll look up the other one right now.
  3. What exactly is your budget for MoBo and CPU, and what do you plan on doing with your build?
  4. Well the board is $120 bucks that about all I can spend on that. I'm completely undecided on what cpu package to go with this board I guess my cpu budget is $120 to $200 dollar range.
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    I see, but what do you plan on doing when you upgrade (gaming, everyday tasks, etc.)?

    For everyday use and such:
    A good H61/H67 MoBo (usually under $100) with an i3 2100.

    For gaming (overclocking):
    A good P67/Z68 MoBo with an i5 2500K (might be over your budget lightly).

    For gaming (no overclocking):
    A good H61/H67 MoBo with an i5 2500.
  6. Well I have caught the pc gaming bug recently but actually I likemy setup to be multi functional for everyday gaming as well as everyday life. I'm glad you mentioned the i5 2500k I have read the specs on that cpu and like what I havfe read so far. Bu I have no experience in anything setups later than what I currently using. So all thought are greatly appreciated.
  7. The i5 2500K is pretty multi-purpose. It works well in gaming, editing (though the i7 is recommended for this because of it's Hyper-Threading feature), everyday tasks, and much more. Since it is a K model, it has a much less limited multiplier, which allows for higher and easier overclocking (stock cooler should allow a good 4.0GHz; maybe more, but I wouldn't recommend that).

    Do you happen to live nearby a Microcenter? They have significantly lower prices on their i5 2500Ks (but about $40 to $50), and a price cut if you buy a MoBo with it.
  8. Go for i5 2500 while upgrade to IVy Bridge at later date. Your new MB support the IVy Bridge and future proof as well.
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