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Is the 9800 gt really broken?

I was looking to buy it to play LoL, minecraft, L4D2 etc. but every review seems to imply that the fan will break and it will overheat?

I just need a pci-e, that can be handled by a 500 watt power supply (Nothing else would be added, just some USB devices and surround sound headphones.

I was hoping to get a 100~ dollar gpu, doesnt matter if its nvidia/radeon/whatever...but they all seem to have some self-destructing function.

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  1. 9800 gts wont explode lol, in my opinion there a great card i recommend the GTX 9800 from XFX i used this card to play crysis on med-high settings worked great
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  3. i have no idea why i didnt look at this first 89.99 after rebate Gts 450:) dx11
    400w min psu:)

    This card will have no problem running those games. d
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