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Hello,i recently bought a Antec computer from a yard sale and i had to assemble it myself, now that i have finished the only problem now is that i am not getting internet, i looked at what it has and it is a 1394 net adapter i need to know where i can find the drive for it so i can get it to work, or do i need something entirely?
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    1394 is the firewire adapter.

    You need to check the computer's ports and in Device Manager to see if the computer has a Network Interface Connector (often called ethernet adapter). You can add one either as a PCI card (cheap) or a USB device (easy to install), either will come with a driver disk.

    here is a picture of the device manager
    i did not see the network interface connector
  3. Judging from the screengrab's multiple Yellow Query Marks the motherboard/chipset driver pack is not properly installed, affecting the PCI slots (maybe the network controller is a PCI device).

    Go to the motherboard maker's site (or the chipset maker's site if you can spot which model of chipset is in use) and download the drivers -- you can't just rely on Windows for drivers.

    If this a desktop computer, also check the rear panel(s) for an ethernet socket.
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