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Hello, I have a Dell xps 700 win 7 64, bfg gtx 295 video, I just bought a new monitor and this is what happened. I plugged in the new monitor Hanns g 28" 1080p and received no signal. Tried several replugs etc. (DVI-d) Nothing. Then tried replugging the old monitor Dell wf2407p, and now also no signal. Immediately goes into power save mode. When pc boots I do not even see the bios. From a sound point of view it boots normally and I can hear windows start up sounds. Help!!!! By the way the new monitor works fine when accessed from my laptop and so does the old monitor.
Thank You
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  1. Try reseating the GPU in the computer, possible it moved when disconnecting and connecting.
  2. Tried it already, thanks.
  3. Sounds like your card just vent bad but cleaning the slot contacts on it might be your last hope.
  4. What do the XPS 700's diagnostic LEDs show? If 2 and 4 are lit then "A possible graphics card failure has occurred."

    Can you try another working graphics card in the XPS 700 or try the GeForce GTX 295 graphics card in another computer?
  5. None of the lights are on, and I don't have another card to try. Seems like quite a stroke of bad luck that the card would be working fine just moments before I plug in a new monitor.
  6. Did you just swap the displays without doing a shut down of Windows 7? If you did then there's your problem.
  7. Hmmm. What can I do to remedy the situation, if that were it?
  8. When you power on the system do you see any Power On Self Test screens?

    If you do, can you boot into Windows 7's Safe Mode?
  9. Screen is totally black. no options to enter bios. when pressing f2 or f8 for safe mode you can here the beep but no image.
  10. If you plug in a monitor with the power on the monitor you can damage the graphics card output video DAC due to the difference in potential of the monitor earth and the computer earth. Always connect a monitor with the power turned off to the monitor.
  11. Since BFG Tech isn't in business anymore it looks like you're out of luck on getting a warranty replacement. Lifetime warranties are useless when the company doesn't exist anymore.

    Your only option seems to be a new graphics card.
  12. Always learning.... I seem to be out of options, but to replace the card and see what happens. Thanks for the advice. It's not entirely clear what hapened exactly as my son was the instrument of fate, but it does seem likely both the pc and monitor were powered on during the link up.
    Thank You
  13. Do you have the broken BFG card for sale? I just need one for parts. 949-351-62fifty

    Please call, text, or email anytime
  14. My Hanns G 28 is a piece of Chinesse $#1t. When there is no activity it goes off (by itself) and takes 24 hrs to turn on. Once it is on, it flickers for an hour after it warms up.
    I have a smaller dell 21 inch that never gives trouble. The problem is the amazing quality of chinesse technology. i am pretty sure the middle guy paid $35.00 for the 28" and sold it to us for $200.00.

    if you still have warranty, exchange it and expect new problems. Otherwise do a favor to society, TRASH IT and take your lost.
  15. Screen seems a bit too big - I've had builds where the pc has struggled with resolution changes, especially when I put in one significantly bigger.

    I always keep an analog crt handy and boot into vga mode, set the resolution manually once you get in and voila.
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