Core i5 vs quadcore

guys...can you tell me what is best core i5 or core 2 quad??

i cant decide what to place here

CPU: core i5 or core 2 quad?
CPU: GTX 460
HDD: 500 GB

please help me (^^,

and suggest what to upgrade here thanks
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  1. Of course the i5.. It is better in every aspect compared to the core 2 quad.. In fact, if you are putting together a new build then it is pointless considering the C2Q..
  2. i tot 4 cores are better than a logical core?? so ill buy i5 thanks emperus(^^,
  3. yes the i5 2500k is way better than any other core 2 quad.
  4. even the older i5's are better than the Core2Quads...
  5. what if i5 vs core 2 extreme????someone told me that core2extreme is slytly less powerfull than i7's . .
  6. my overclocked Q6600 (-> 3.5ghz) *sometimes* matched an i7 at stock

    Core2 is old dont buy old technology :)
  7. hehe(^^, yuph core2's are old

    how about i3's how can i overclock it???
    is there a software for it??? something like that?
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    remember the i5 2500k can overclock(reaches 4.0ghz on air) way more better so yes it is better and remember that the core2extreme uses ddr2 ram which is slower than ddr3.

    And those core extreme are very expensive going for $1000.But the i5 2500k is around $209 at newegg
  9. Quote:
    The i5s, such as the 2500K DO NOT HAVE a single core, THEY ARE QUAD CORES TOO. apart from some 1st gen i5s. If you look at the 2500K non-synthetic benchmarks, you an see it beats most i7 first gens and is on par with many of the first gen i7 extreme editions.

    (anandtech is down but I would have Posted a benchmark here.)

    i also wanted to post some of Anand's benches.
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  11. thanks guys(^^,
  12. I hear the trashing of core 2's and I won't have it, They should add an overclocked to Q6600 to 3.6 in every graphics related article.
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