Need your expertise please.

Had the following just built:

Antec Sonata 3 (500 W)
Gigabyte P55a ud3
i5 760 2.8
4G 1333
2 x 500G Seagate/Raid 1
Nvidia GTS 430 1 G
Using 1680 x 1050

I am video editing/internet/office stuff. Have noticed on pevious builds that buying entry level video cards (since "You are not gaming") results in some blurring/shadowing and images aren't always so clear/crisp. I don't mind buying up...sideways or whatever. Should I be looking for another graphics card to get crisp video for the next three years (Till the next build?) Might get a game or two for upcoming grandkids but -not so much-.

Anyway, the contributers on this forum are incredible/knowlegable. THANK YOU for any responce.
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  1. Seems like any image distortion would likely be the fault of the monitor, not the graphics card. I would expect a gts 430 would be more than enough for everyday tasks... It's very powerful if you aren't gaming. But if you really must upgrade, you could look into a GTX 460 1GB for ~$170, but don't be sorry if it doesn't improve image quality.
  2. watching videos/video editing doesn't stress your GPU much since it doesn't need to create it's own images, the images are already there and it just needs to transfer them, but your cpu is the main thing to look at for video editing, while gaming it's the other way around. the 460 would be very future proof as far as videos and gaming. I'm running Call of Duty: Black Ops on 1920x1080 with high settings, possibly maxed, don't remember, on about 90fps with the 460. you can find em for less than 170 including rebates and going with an off brand.
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