Best reliable prebuilt gaming system for ~$1000

What's your pick for the best reliable prebuilt gaming system for about $1000?

Reliable = you won't encounter significant setup issues and a there is an extremely low likely hood that the system will have to be returned due to configuration or hardware problems. (ie not e-machines or similar vendors)
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  1. Honesty dont expect anything if your gonna limit yourself to oem, ideally you want to build your own, but sometimes you cant. If your willing to try out some online companies like cyperpower or ibuypower, it'll be much better performance for your money.
  2. In the past I've started with OEMs and then I've upgraded power supplies and video cards, etc to make a somewhat decent gaming platform. This time I'd like to avoid the hassle and time and just make a single simple purchase.

    I'd wouldn't mind going with cyberpower or ibuypower. I'm just not sure how hassle free they are out of the box. I'm kind of researching that now.
  3. I've heard people argue for both sides. Some people claim they make amazing computers that are well built, and others say that quality is poor as if they didnt even test the computer before they shipped. But they still include several year warranties i it shouldnt be too bad.
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