I need a windows 7 compatable video card

Need a windows 7 compatible video card that fits the system requirements below. All i need is something that can be used with windows DVD maker and everything on windows 7 with maby a little more. Not looking for anything much. Probably 40-80$.

System Specs

Display Specs

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  1. Need to know what slot you have available like pci---pci express--agp?
  2. I have both (PCI, and AGP) but the original video card was in AGP slot.
  3. I need to know your power supply watts i would image its a stock supply at 230-300 watts
  4. Are Those reliable cards? because some of the reviews are saying that they don't work and others say that they are good
  5. Take a review on new egg for what its worth. windows 7will automatically install the software for those cards when you turn it on. anything there is better then the fx 5200 that you have. agp is older so the choices are slim
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