[Upgrade] Athlon 7750BE -> Phenom IIX4 955

I am wonder if it would be worthwhile to upgrade from an Athlon 7750 dual core to a Phenom IIX4 955 in my current rig or should I just wait and replace the system altogether.

My current system:
AMD Athlon 7750BE @3.0GHz
Asus M2N-E mobo (nForce 570 Ultra)
G.skill 1GB x 4 DDR2-800
XFX Geforce 9800GTX+ 512MB

Would the older & slower RAM limit the performance of Phenom IIX4 by a lot?

I have been playing The Witcher 2 (1280*1024) on the rig at medium spec-, getting 25-35fps... I am wondering if this upgrade would help.

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  1. no, the ram would be ok.And an upgrade would be good.It would last you a good 18months.
    And you really cant max out games, even with a good gpu you would still get bottlenecks in some areas.

    The ddr2 and the ddr3 arent that much far apart in performance when you compare them.
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