Upgrading dell optiplex gx620 pentium 4ht to a pentium d 950

i have a dell optiplex gx620 with chip set i945p and bios a11 this should run with a Pentium d 950 processor but it doesn't work all i get is the fan spinning full speed and nothing ells! anyone know what im doing wrong any info is much appreciated!
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  1. Should work according to the Dell forums, the only thing I would look out for is the psu wattage and if the voltage regulation module can handle it.
  2. You definitely should upgrade to the lastest bios as if your bios doesn't recognize the new chip it won't work correctly. Does your computer complete the POST test?

    I had a similar event once when the processor didn't work, however, it turned out that I didn't lock the processor into the motherboard correctly. However, that was a laptop processor.

    Upgrade the bios and let us know how it goes.
  3. Has anyone successfully done this? Are there any links that anyone knows of with instructions or specs? What kind of PSU would one need for the D 950 to work?
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