How to remove the processor on the mainboard Corei5 ..

I have a Fujitsu LifeBook p771 / c. I forgot my password bios fujitsu, fujitsu said people can not be in service, must replace mainboardnya, how to remove the processor on the mainboard Corei5. whether fujitsu sya can be repaired again,, thanks
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  1. Removing the processor is not going to help.
    You need to download the repairs/service manual for your Lifebook and do whatever you can. But none of the above said options will help you get rid of the password. And we can't help you out with that 'cos we don't know if you are the righful owner of the Lifebook or not.
  2. I can shipment from Japan my second of my uncle,,, but was locked fujitsu.
  3. We still can't help you out. You need to get to the Fujitsu people out there and prove your ownership to them. Also , be sure to read company warranty policies for those laptops, since a transfer of ownership might invalidate it, or then maybe they don't support a global warranty.
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