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GPU upgrade on an older computer?

I just got a free Sony VAIO PCV-RS322 from a coworker. I plan on using this machine as a media center using Windows 7 32-bit as the OS and Boxee as the media client. I also plan on doing some light gaming on it as well, mostly running Allods Online (minimum and recommended system requirements can be found here:

I scoured the interwebs and ran CPU-z and figured out the complete specs of this machine as shown below:

CPU: P4 2.8GHz 800fsb w/HT socket 478 (I don't plan on upgrading this)
Motherboard: ASUS P4SD-VX mATX (its an OEM of course, junk but I'm willing to use it)
Memory: 1GB of DDR PC2700, upgradable to 2GB of DDR PC3200 (I plan on putting 2GB of PC3200 in)
GPU: NVIDIA GeForce4 MX 440 64MB (complete junk, and the reason for this thread)
PSU: 300w (proprietary from what I can tell)

What graphics card should I get for this machine? I am worried about getting one that is too good for the machine and having a bottleneck. I am also worried that the power supply may not be strong enough for certain cards (I do not plan on upgrading the proprietary PSU). These are the GPUs that I am considering below:

Radeon HD4670 1GB:
Radeon HD4650 1GB:
GeForce 6200 512MB:

I will have this computer hooked up to my 32" Samsung LN32a330 720p LCD TV (which supports a max resolution of 1366x768)

Thanks in advance for the advice and all other cards that I did not mention may also be considered. I know that this machine is typically not worth upgrading but I have very minimal applications for it and money is tight. I am even ok with not being able to run my game on it but it would be nice if I could.
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    I would go with the GeForce 6200 512MB: [...] 6814130452

    because it requirement for power is 300 and its doesn't need a power cable motherboard fed
  2. Thank you haha. amazingly fast reply!

    Thats a shame tho, i would really like to run one of the stronger radeon cards but I guess thats the price I have to pay for being cheap lol. Do you know the power requirements for the radeon cards i mentioned by chance? haha
  3. ah nm that i just answered my own question... 400w. i should have looked that up before posting this thread
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