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Hi, I found this thread


But still don't understand what to do. I still have yet to order my motherboard. The Future Case manual says to "not use any standoffs if the mobo is atx"?????? :( :o huh????!!! should I get a micro atx?? I was planning on getting normal ATX. And just as in that other thread only three standoffs were provided.

It's actually really bloody confusing. There's 4 normal holes, 3 standoffs and 9 raised metal notches. Maybe those 9 raised notches take the place of standoffs?!!! Actually I think that's what's going on. This case built-in 9 standoffs in which case with ATX I wouldn't screw in any standoffs?

I don't want to mess this up and short-circuit my components. thanks!

please help I don't want to fry my motherboard!!!
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  1. Post link to the case.
  2. Yes, those 9 raised notches take the place of stand-offs.
    The manual says not to use extra stand-offs if you were to be using a ATX form factor because of very logical reasons.
    The extra space that will be between the Backside of the Mobo and the backplate will/may cause you to nick the edge of the ATX with the PSU or ODD it may also interfere with the socket spacing/placement for the ODD for power and SATA connectors.
    Yes, that case does not require you to use standoffs for an ATX form factor board.
    The raised notches coincide with the holes for mounting an ATX Board.
    Where as the stand offs will be required to be put into other holes to get the placing of other than ATX form factor boards into that case.
    Check PIC 4-1 of the user manual.
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