Phenom II 955BE on 2.8Ghz

hey guys,

with a 480W PSU im gonna buy a HD 6950 in 2-3 months (currently a 5770) and till that time i wanna save my PSU from againg fast ! so i underclocked my 955 to 2.8Ghz with 1.52 Vcore set on bios , do u think i must increase it a bit or decrease it even more ? with this vcore it worked stable under Prime95 but i continued the test no more than 20 mins , so give me ur ideas ! tanx
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  1. Your voltage is way high, try looking up the rated specs for your chip as a guideline to what it should be,
    You may be trying to save your psu (which is too low rated for a 6950 anyhow) but your going to cook your chip at that voltage when you put the clock back up
  2. 1.52V is higher than safe voltage if your underclocking you want under 1.35
  3. OMG guys i didnt noticed that , im so sorry , ahhh stupid :( its not 1.52 ! its 1.152 ! im so sorry but what now ?
  4. I would leave it as is, if its working stable your ok and just reset bios settings to standard when you get the new gfx card.
  5. Tanx alot bro , its good to see users care here !
  6. No probs man, We're all here to learn and in turn, teach others if we can
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