RAID 0 on a P5-GD65 rig - Can not access the array setup

I am having a hard time setting up a Raid 0 array on my P55-GD65 system. I enabled IDE raid in the BIOS, but when I save and exit I hit Ctrl+I on every screen that comes up before the windows screen and I get no pop up window where I can create the array.

Also, since I started messing with the RAID settings in my BIOS, my system has been 'hanging' on the BIOS start up screen intermittently.

My system:
MSI P55-GD-65
2x ST31000528AS Segate HDD
Intel Core i7 860 @ 2.80 GHz
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  1. Try ahci in bios instead of ide raid.
  2. I did. Sorry I meant to mention that. Setting up a RAID is a new thing for me. I think I don't have the right Intel raid driver. I have been checking around and I am really confused about how to get the Intel Matrix Storage Manager ROM. My Motherboard's driver CD only has the driver for the JMicron raid controller.
  3. If anyone could help verify this info, I would really appreciate it:
    I need the Intel Raid controller drivers, but it looks like I can only install them when I install the OS. So if I install windows, slip the right drivers in, then set up the RAID, then re-install the OS again, should that work?
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