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Intel DH55HC Onboard Graphics

Hi i recently visited Intel site to download the Latest Drivers for my Motherboard. Suddenly i saw that there is a Integrated Graphic Adapter in the mobo. Since my Computer is under repair i can't check it. But i'm sure that it didn't have an Onboard VGA, and was only compatible with the Intel HD graphics provided by a new Core i processor. I looked into it when i was bought this mobo in February 2011.

Does the Intel DH55HC has a Onboard VGA or does it only support the graphics delivered by Core i Processor or an Add-in card ?
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  1. Well, the board which you have linked us to shows it has an IGP. Meaning it does have the onboard adapter to let you see movies and play games at low setting.
    It will support graphics with all the LGA1156 Processors..... :)
    And if you wish to go HD and do more with the rig that is graphic intensive, the Board supports a Add on GPU since it has a PCIe 2.0 X16 slot.
  2. The actual thing is , what processor have you been using on this mobo?
  3. alyoshka said:
    The actual thing is , what processor have you been using on this mobo?

    I'm having the Intel Core i5 760. So this means that the mobo itself doesn't have an Onboard VGA but it has ports to connect a display if the Processor has a GPU.

    Then the HD drivers given in the Intel site is for the Graphics rendered from the Processor no ?
  4. The Intel® Core™ i5-760 doesnt have the IGP (Integrated Graphics on Processor) to support the graphics off the motherboard. So you would need to use a dedicated video card. The update graphics drivers would have no value for you unless you were to change to a processor that did support them like the Intel Core i5-660.

    Christian Wood
    Intel Enthusiast Team
  5. Yes, that processor will work on the mobo, but will require and add in GPU.

    Yes, the drivers at the site are for the IGP that would render the graphics off the CPU, if, you were using a processor with integrated graphics.
  6. So the mobo doesn't have an Onboard VGA right ? Just to make it clear
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    Yup, it doesn't if the Processor can't finish the circuit. The Onboard VGA can only be activated by a supporting processor, which, in your case , does not.
    So , yes, for that processor you do not have the facilitated Onboard VGA.
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