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**UPDATE: Sound has been recorded on here, it is more harsh and louder in real life, but iPhone MIC sucks:

I have a PC I have built on my own. Some specs:

Core i7 2.93 overclocked to 3.2ghz (Coolermaster V8 CPU cooling)
ASUS P6T Deluxe V1 (Latest Bios)
3 x 500GB RAID (0+1) via Adaptec 5805 (latest drivers)
1x NVIDIA GTX260 connected to 1 Dell 2408 and 1 Dell 2405 (using latest WHQL NVidia drivers)

On Windows 7 Ultimate.

Recently, randomly I get a 1 second alarm/PC speaker noise/buzz I do not even know how to explain it, because I am not sure what it is called. It is one of those noises I guess when you reset the motherboard or whatever. I am not sure where it is coming from...could it by my RAID card? Motherboard? What could it mean?

My temperatures are great via RealTemp (I am idling at about 40 degrees), the system has been super stable for about 2 years now and is still very stable today. There are no start-up errors ever, BIOS reports nothing unusual either.

The noise is alarming though (also because the PC is used a music production workstation and it could ruin a recording take). Could this be an indication of an upcoming problem? How could I determine what does this beep mean, could I look at any logs?

Many thanks!!! I truly appreciate your time and answers.

- Olie
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    Just one beep?

    That's bizarre, no BIOS has that beep code except for the good-startup of IBM and AMI... Must be something other than your motherboard...
  2. It is just a short, loud/buzzy beep, lasting less than 1 second. Like a PC speaker type beep. It is strange indeed. It does not sound like a beep of POST, but more like a sound when I guess you press the reset button on the motherboard? See, I am not a specialist so it is hard for me to rule it out.
  3. I got the sound finally recorded, could anyone tell me what this could be?
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