Major System Upgrade (Vertex 3, Sandy + SLI)

So I've recently decided to overhaul my current gaming rig in preparation for the only reason I ever seem to upgrade my computer: A new Elder Scroll's game is coming out.

My budget is approx $1500 and while performance is a must I also want to keep things very cool as I've had numerous overheating issues with my current rig. Willing to spend more on slower for it to be cooler, just of course not too slow. I'm ready to buy right away but am waiting on two factors: The relaunch of Sandy Bridge and the new second generation Sandforce SSD's, whenever both of those happen (hopefully in the next few weeks) I'm game to get everything. I'll just be upgrading the major components so the budget will stretch a little further than usual, however I also live in Canada so I'm restricted to Canadian prices and retailers.

What I'm keeping:
-CoolerMaster Cosmos S case with plenty of fans and a fan controller
-Corsair TX750 PSU (750W)
-Lite-On DVD burner
-500GB Seagate HD (will become my storage drive)
-Monitor (1920x1200 resolution), mouse, keyboard, speakers, headset

So basically I need a new Mobo, CPU + cooler, RAM, a graphics card or two and room in the budget for the 120GB OCZ Vertex 3.
My personal picks are:
-Intel Core i5 2500k 3.3GHz CPU
-Asus Sabertooth P67 Mobo
-Corsair H70 Liquid cooling system for CPU
-8GB Corsair Vengeance DDR3-1600 CL8-8-8-24 RAM
-Dual MSI GeForce GTX 560 Ti Twin Frozr OC 880MHZ 1GB GDDR5 in SLI
-OCZ Vertex 3 120GB SSD (Large enough for the OS and a few games)

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
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  1. Drop to 4 GB of RAM and try to get 2 GTX 570's in SLI
  2. The 560 Ti's run much cooler and overclock to the level/past the level of the 570. While the 570 can barely overclock at all. Also the 570's run much hotter than the 560 Ti's. But that's all just personal preference. Just my 2 cents.

    Personally, Drop the H70, you don't need fake water cooling. OK it does great at cooling. But for a terrible price/performance ratio and just that it is terribly loud. I understand many people recommend the HXX series because it says "water cooling" but if you wanted real water cooling it perform so much better and so much quieter.

    I suggest switching the WAY too expensive H70 for the Hyper 212+ which is the same dBa as the H70 with great performance/ratio @ only 27$ off Amazon. Not only that, because of 32nm, you don't need coolers like the D-14 or H70 anymore. The Prolimatech Megahalems would be just fine. Also if you think that with the H70 you'll be able to overclock to 5.1ghz like all reviewers, be prepared for disappointment because in reality that's a a select few that get a near perfect grade i5 2500K/2600K. A more realistic overclock would be 4.6ghz and that can be done with the stock cooler.

    The OCZ Vertex 3 is just as good. The Patriot would do the same performance as well since it also is a SF-2200 controller. You may want to look towards the 64gb to save money and put towards the CPU instead. Mainly because if you think about it. 64gb (60gb) - 7gb for windows still leaves you with a minimum of 53gb of space left. That easily could fit 5 games of 7gb size each. In reality you'd be fine with a 64gb SSD. (I say Patriot because I'm unsure if Vertex 3 will have 60gb.

    As for ram, that's a fine option. G.Skill may be cheaper.

    Get the Asus P8P67 Pro or the Asrock Extreme4 P67 both boards are just as good as the sabertooth, but the sabertooth just has the marketing gimmick of the "tactical vest" which reviewers have shown actually do nothing.

    Asrock Extreme P67 review:

    Beastly board for only 150$ US @ Newegg.
  3. well is the Cougar Point Problem Fixed
    I saw only Open Box Mobos at New egg
  4. Probably a bit premature to upgrade for ES 5, but hey I'm pretty excited about it too lol.

    Atleast you'll have Crysis 2 to give it a beating before then haha

    *Edit but yeah drop the Corsair H70, overpriced and underperformer*
  5. Obviously the 570 SLI will beat 560 SLI. But the 560's can overclock way higher than the 570's. In fact passing the 570's too. That is what I'm getting at. The 560's run cooler any way.

    Pretty similar performance. The end result is saving 100$ a card. Which is a pretty big deal. That's a total of 200$. Plus SLI 570 would force him to get a new PSU.
  6. Obviously the 570 SLI will beat 560 SLI. But the 560's can overclock way higher than the 570's. In fact passing the 570's too. That is what I'm getting at. The 560's run cooler any way.

    Pretty similar performance. The end result is saving 100$ a card. Which is a pretty big deal. That's a total of 200$. Plus SLI 570 would force him to get a new PSU.[/quotemsg

    WTH! The GTX 560 is an ocing beast
    i am going to get a new build so should i go for 6950 1 GB or GTX 560Ti Twin Frozer
  7. First off thanks for all the responses!

    The original reason I went with the H70 is actually its low profile, not the cooling performance or fake water cooling. You see my case (Cosmos S) has a 200mm side fan that limits the height of the CPU cooler (I barely fit in my Noctua NH-U12P and that was with some tinkering). I also have to factor in the Vengeance memory and that it has tall fins (preventing me from getting a longer than it is tall cooler). I'm curious if there's a quiet low profile cooler out there that fits my needs; right now I'm considering waiting on the Corsair H60 (not that I'm a fanboy, really I've only ever owned the TX750 PSU) which should ship and be reviewed shortly. Hoping it has the low profile I need but at a better price/performance/sound ratio.

    I will be keeping the dual GTX 560's as they do seem to be the best value right now. The ASRock Extreme4 P67 does look like a winner and I'd love to save the $$, however I have yet to find a Canadian retailer selling it. Hopefully whenever the relaunch happens we'll be getting them.

    Finally I have noticed several SATA 3 compatible SSD's popping up to compete with the OCZ (and being released soon) including one from Intel which is even more expensive than the Vertex 3 :P I think the main reason I budgeted for the 120GB is that 60 sounds so small! I understand it would only have the OS and games but it's hard to make the mental hurtle over owning a drive with less space than any drive I've purchased in the last decade! (never mind, in 2001 I had a 30GB drive)

    Anyways thanks for your help!
  8. Well, I would pick the 560 Ti at this moment sr26 but I think with the 6950 2GB dropping down to about 275 (260$ AR) It's a really close call. Personal preference really.

    As for the NH-U12P, how much tinkering exactly? If it fits then the Hyper 212+ will fit as well, I just checked CM's website. The Hyper 212+ is the same height as the NH-U12P. So I guess I understand your logic. I suppose the H70 would be good. H60, wasn't ware they were making them.

    Don't worry my laptop runs on a 60gb SSD. Still have plenty of room. I assure you it'll be enough space.
  9. I basically positioned the Noctua so it would rest on the fan, I think there's a bit of pressure on one side that hinders cooling (one of my cores is always 10 degrees warmer than the other) so I'm really keen on not getting another tall cooler, regardless of price/performance. Turns out the H60's are shipping:

    Looks like they're bringing some interesting things to the table and at a $20 savings.

    I'm sold on getting a smaller SSD, if only the Patriot 60GB's weren't being released Q2 2011 which might be after my build window.
  10. Just a quick update: Corsair H60 reviewed!

    Key points:
    -Easiest cooler to install
    -Quietest cooler of the roundup
    -Close to H70 level cooling (with just one fan) and better than the Tuniq 120 Extreme!

    Looks like a winner. I don't mind spending $80 on a cooler that better suits my needs than the stock fan or less expensive tower cooler solution.
  11. Good thing I'm getting the quieter H60 then. ;)

    According to the Hardware Heaven review it's over 6dBA quieter, which applied to the Hardware Canucks findings still puts it as the quietest cooler on their roundup as well.

    Choice quote:
    "Looking at the comparison with other liquid coolers the H60 is, unsurprisingly, positioned between the H50 and H70 in terms of temperatures. It is however noticeably quieter than both models at full RPM thanks to the new fan design."

    I'm not as concerned about the noise level (within reason) as I am the size and cooling performance. I think the H60, despite it's premium price, fits my needs better than anything else I have come across.
  12. ^ Well then I guess good luck with the H60.
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