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I have a laptop that I use upstairs in my room through a wireless router that is downstairs on the main level of my house. Yesterday, I ran an ethernet cable throughout my whole house (down through the basement, up through the garage...huge pain in the ass lol) but anyway, I did it because I am getting a new desktop next week so I will need the cable. I use my computer mostly for gaming, so I figured I would try out the wired connection now with my laptop as it could only help my latency while playing (I play WoW mostly). After I connect the ethernet cable between my wireless router and my laptop, a new connection pops up but it says "Unidentified Network" and "Local Only" instead of Local and Internet. I've tried disabling the wireless connection, enabling the Local Area Connection, then restarting the router and modem, as well as my laptop and still no dice. I'm using Windows Vista on my laptop and saw some people had similar problems after doing a quick search on google but it seems like they're problems were mostly with a wireless connection, not wired. My wireless connection works 'fine', although the wired connection should be better assuming I can get it to work. I don't know much about technical computer stuff or how to go about fixing this so any help in layman's terms would be awesome. Thanks.
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  1. bump..anyone have any advice?
  2. I will need the following information in order to further asses the problem. how long is the cable that you are using? did you crimp it yourself or did you buy it pre-made from a store? go into command prompt on the computer in question (click start and in the search bar type cmd and press enter) within the command prompt window type ipconfig and tell me the information it gives you.
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