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Password not recognised

i cant seem to log on as administrator aymore,, password not recognised.what do i do ?
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    I apologise but we will be unable to help you with this. This would require hacking to get past this. I reccomend trying all of your most common passwords.

    Please give a read.

    Again sorry we couldn't assist you here.
  2. Try to reboot the PC with your Windows Repair CD, then use System Restore to set Windows back by a few days (works only if the problem occurred recently).

    Log on under an alternative admin account, then reset the password to your usual account (works only if you set up an alternative admin account).

    Log on as Administrator in Safe Mode, then reset the password to your usual account (works only if you enabled the Administrator account and know its password).

    Insert your USB flash disk with the password keyfile (works only if you created such a keyfile).
    Check your paper records (works only if you jotted down the password somewhere)
    Next time create a password reset disk, it takes only a minute.


    Sorry, Tom's Hardware forum cannot provide more help to bypass password protection,
    as we cannot verify if you are the legit owner.
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