PhysX problems?

OK, i downloaded a demo of star trek DAC off steam, and loaded it up fine, checked out the video settings, turned on PhysX and restarted the prog. now for some reason it wont start at all...

This all so happened with BM arkham asylum, i loaded it find first time, left PhysX level to ...between off and maximum (i think its low or something) played for an hour or so then went to bed, next time i tried to play it, the "preparing BMAA" steam window thing popped up then nothing happens, it then bought up a steam special offer page as if i had just closed it.

all so a few of my other games, since a windows re-installation have been...well not working at all, either crashing on game play or just not loading.

i have ordered a new mobo, due to a few people on here and 2 teckies have come to the conclusion it could be something to do with my north bridge playing silly beggers, But realising that a demo broke after i changed physX settings has me wondering weather its the driver?

apparently i have the latest PhysX driver as i tried to update it, but it said i have a newer version.

Im running a goold old Asus P5KPL/1600 with a xfx gts250 core edition, 4gb ram, C2Q Q8200, 750W psu.
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  1. You could attempt to disable GPU accelerated PhysX at the Nvidia Control Panel. If you can get in, that definately shows the problem is on the hardware end if you can get in and play. If you still can't, then it may be a driver/software issue.
  2. i coudnt find anywhere to "Turn off" physX, but i could find options to select what would process it, so i put it on GPU instead of auto select. i will have to wait a while before i can test a game with it as i have a newer copy of bmaa comeing in the post and i still cant get onto star wars DAC
  3. uninstall all nvidia drivers and download the latest from nvidia website
  4. eugh i really dont want to do that but i will give it ago
  5. There is a physX selection in the box for CPU. Select CPU.

    Older drivers have a box to select enable disable Physx.
  6. bystander said:
    There is a physX selection in the box for CPU. Select CPU.

    Older drivers have a box to select enable disable Physx.

    ok so i should put the physX load on my CPU then instead of the card? i will try it as soon as i have agame with physX options.

    would PhysX effect NFS shift? is there some sort of hidden physX option for the game? because thats one of the games that has started to crash on game play, no matter how often i reinstall, re-download or what ever
  7. NFS Shift does not use PhysX. Only use the CPU for PhysX to help diagnose the problem. If you use the CPU for PhysX on a regular basis, you will get much worse performance. Once you get this all figured out put PhysX back on Auto Select.

    Definitely download the latest drivers from the Nvidia website. They are much easier to install. With the latest versions, the drivers will uninstall old drivers and update automatically.
  8. i tried the latest, its saying i have them, il wait and see what happens with a new motherboard. hopfully that should fix it...crossed fingers
  9. Sorry, I'm having a hard time understanding the original post. Do you have this problem with ALL games, or just games that actually use PhysX? I understand the problem began when you enabled PhysX with a game Demo. But I wasn't 100% clear as to whether ALL games are now affected.

    To be honest though, if everything else on the PC works fine, I'd be hard pressed to say this problem has anything to do with your Motherboard. If it's a PhysX only problem, that's going to be a Video Card or Driver issue.
  10. ok il make it black and white

    3 months ago every thing was working fine with this current pc build (as mentioned above)

    I went to do my yearly windows reinstall

    i hit a few problems but it worked out fine and i got it going again

    I install steam games and a few hard copies. more then half of them crashed when entering game play or just failed to start completely I.E. nfs shift, PoP5, resi evil 5 nfs shift Star wars the force unleashed, Red faction guerilla .

    a few of the games not working I.E red faction guerilla started working

    Bat man arkham asylum worked when i first booted it up, played for an hour, changed a few settings to what i usually set things too, played a little more, went to bed, shut the system down

    booted up next day, BMAA wouldnt load at all.

    2months of forum reading/posting and going to see my techy ended up with a Maybe solution, something with the north bridge is not workign properly. this s the only conclusion so far. I have made another post about this ...a few weeks ago i think in the windows xp forum.
    (during which i reinstalled windows again just to make sure i had done it allright, all three times, formatting my hard drive and making sure every thing was right including drivers for EVERYTHING)

    lived with this by getting a refund off steam for BMAA and did without the others that didnt work. a few appliances kept crashing as well I.E. DivX crashed when opening anything (that fixed its self) Google earth kept crashing when i tried to zoom in at all.

    last few days, iv been testing games on steam by playing the demo's, i installed star trek DAC, ran it, looked at the settings blah blah, restarted it for the changes to take effect. bam, did the same as BMAA. <----- This led me to believe something to do with physX was wrong
  11. You mentioned having problems with Windows installation. Did this happen every time you re-installed? Depending on what kind of problems you had, it could be an issue. Or at least could point toward a hardware issue somewhere.

    The fact that you're having programs like DivX crash as well, there's definitely something going on here. Same goes for Google Earth (which can be run with the GPU or CPU). If you still have issues with Google Earth, try switching it to run off the CPU instead of GPU and see if it fixes things. It'll run slower, but could help rule out whether the GPU is an issue.

    Also, when games or programs "crash" what exactly happens? Do you get a Blue Screen with an error message? Or does the program simply crash to the desktop?

    And have you tried installing the latest DirectX package?
  12. the games that crash either load up to a menu, and then crash back to desktop with no warning as if every thing is fine and thats what i wanted to happen. OR they will sit there try and load, stop loading, and act as if i had just closed it. some even bring up a steam deals window, which is what happens when you quit some steam games


    I have made sure that i have the most upto date driver, i even went out of my way to get all the Net frame works. that was a pain

    the problems with windows installation... only happened once, it got abit iffy while doing the auto updates and what not. it genrally wasnt very stable to i had redone it again within 36 hours
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