Good oc for i5 750

i have an i5 750 , fsb currently 155, what do you think i can get it up to wihtout having to buy an extra cooler. ATM its getting about 60*c while i game. I wont be prime 95 ing as i dont want to cut my CPU life in half. Instead i use MW2 or 7zip archivin for stress testing. Please tel me recommended vcore settings and FSB thanks :)
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  1. if you believe running prime 95 cuts your cpu life in half then you best not oc at all, because you dont have enough knowledge...
    im not being snide or sarky saying this. but you seem to have fallen victim to an urban myth rather than facts.
    so b4 you do anything start reading. get to know your hardware and when your ready and sure you know what your doing. then and only then start overclocking.
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