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ok so I just got all the components for a new PC build for my brother for xmas. Spend the last 2 hours hooking everything up and it looks good so far. Everything powers up, all the fans spin, but I can't get any signal on the monitor. I have a EVGA GeForce 450 card in the rig, and even the fan spins up, but I get nothing. It has a DVI-I output and came with a DVI-to-VGA adapter but that didnt help.

The monitor is an ASUS 20" with DVI-D inputs and a VGA input. My sisters laptop hooks up fine with a VGA cable and I get a great picture, but nothing with the new PC. Could it be the DVI-I outputs? This is my first PC build also, so I am kind of new to all this
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  1. ok just a little update, I used my sisters new Vizio tv with VGA input to see if i could make it work. Nothing, but her laptop works on it. At this point I feel like it may be a faulty video card, so I am thinking about RMA'ing it back to newegg in hopes a new one works. But again, I dont know a lot about this so I may have just screwed up the installation.

    edit - ok just opened up the pc and looked around. Apparently my brother didn't get the power supply fully plugged into the mobo so I tried to fix that assuming it must be the problem. I can't get the connection to fully fit either. Idk how to really explain it, but it just doesnt fit all the way in. It stops like a millimeter short of being plugged in and I cant force it the rest of the way. All the other connections slide in easily but not this one, i honestly feel like I'll break the mobo if I push any harder. any idea on why this might be?
  2. Slightly bent pin? It should click into place.
  3. 4745454b said:
    Slightly bent pin? It should click into place.

    thats what I thought too but after looking at it, they dont seem any more "bent" then the rest of the pins ive been plugging into. yeah they are a little off but so are most of the others and those all slide into place fine, but not this one. This Raidmax Smiloden case isn't helping at all either because of the wierd angle you have to have the case at in order to power up the Mobo.

    i would upload a picture of what it looks like almost plugged in but my phone seems to have up and vanished. Just my luck too, seems I'm in for a long night...

    edit - just removed the GeForce 450 completely and am trying to run the PC with just the onboard graphics and I am not getting anything. At this point I'm about to call it a night. I think it may be a bad mobo seeing as i'm having issues getting the power supply connected without extreme stress on the board and I cant even get a picture with the onboard graphics. Any ideas would be appreciated, but I'm going to bed for now. Will post back in the morning.
  4. You can take the board out of the case and use a screwdriver to jumper the pins. You might have a standoff issue or ???
  5. 4745454b said:
    You can take the board out of the case and use a screwdriver to jumper the pins. You might have a standoff issue or ???

    Well I was playing around with the pins but they all seem to be aligned well enough. The power just wont slide in like it should, idk if the plastic cover on the cord is just a little off or something but one side slides in and the other catches on something. about to RMA and hope a new one fixes the problem.
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