Mystery Hardware Issues

Hey everybody,

I finally worked up the courage and funds to purchase my dream machine in December. It's my first system that hasn't been second-hand and I've loved it quite unlike anything else. Unfortunately, it's been having some issues as of late and this morning it refused to turn on.

Relevant Components:
MB: Gigabyte X58A-UD3R
CPU: Intel Core i7 960 @ 3.2GHz
MEM: 3 x 2gb Kingston Hyper X
GPU: (Palit) NVidia GTX 460 1gb
PSU: XtremeGear ATX-CB800W
5 x 120mm case fans

Unusual Behavior (Past):
During the first week of its arrival, it would occasionally refuse to enter windows startup; lights and fans would come on, bios splash screen would show, post tests complete, but then it would hang there. Since then it has not done this...not a big deal.
Recently, the machine would shut down cold during heightened use. I kept an eye on the temps: CPU was never above 60C. GPU approached 80C a few times while gaming, otherwise idle was around 40C. This lead me to think that the PSU may be underpowered or faulty.

Unusual Behavior (Present):
When the machine is powered on, only the onboard LEDs light up. Nothing else happens: no fans, no HD powering up. Frequency and phase light up blue and red for a fraction of a second. North bridge voltage lights up green for a fraction of a second, while south bridge lights up red for a fraction of a second. NB Phase/DDR Phase/DDR light up green and yellow (3rd from bottom is green, 4th from bottom is yellow) and continue to stay lit until the machine is powered off.

What I have done to troubleshoot (All unsuccessful):
Tested each stick of ram individually in slot 1
Placed GPU in a different PCI slot. Tried booting without GPU, no luck (duh).
Pressed the CMOS reset button. Removed battery for 20 seconds.
Visual scan for shorts
Disconnected HD's, network card, CD drive, temp/fan control

What I hope to do when I find the necessary resources:
Multimeter probing, especially with the PSU
Swap out PSU and/or GPU
Purchase a case speaker

Any ideas? Is there anything I have missed? Would you recommend I do anything differently? This is bugging the hell out of me!!!
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  1. Do you have a spare power supply to try the extreme gear is really not a very good power supply at all. It actually in some opinions is pretty terrible.
    I don't even know why they let people buy these as they are just a problem waiting to happen. I would swap out the power supply for a name brand 80+
    The power supply is really something you should never skimp on. If its still under warranty get them to get you a different one even if you have to pay a little more for the difference.
    The rest of your system seems to be ok at least on paper so to speak.
  2. Hey Galeener, thank you for your advice

    Last night I was able to find someone in my residence hall who was willing to hook up their power supply to my mobo via our case bays. Turned it on, and there was life again :D . He had a device for testing power supplies as well, and it looks like the main atx connection was providing power (not necessarily clean power), but the atx 12v connection was completely dead.

    We were both in a hurry so I wasn't able to connect a display to see if it was making it past POST, nor was I able to find an internal speaker to listen for error codes, but I think I'm going to go with an Antec or Corsair replacement from Newegg. It turns out that at this point (approx. 4 months after purchase), CyberPowerPC will only offer me an exact replacement or pay full price for an better unit.

    I completely agree, Xtreme Gear was a terrible choice. I was trying to save a little up front, but now I've got a dead machine during high course load and another $100 to spend on a new PSU. I'm really hoping it didn't fry my mobo on the way out. Guess I won't make that mistake again.
  3. I hope it works out for you I see a lot of this on their forums. I really think they should take a little responsibility and suggest a better power supply at least then they could say I told you so but they must get them dirt cheap so its probably profit driven.
  4. Antec and Corsair are both solid choices.

    I'd recommend an 850, then your ready for that second 460 GPU with power to spare....

    I'm running Corsair 850HX supplies in my i7-950 system with SLI MSI Talon 460's under load the system draws 500watts from the wall stock, so I"ve got room to overclock a few things w/850watts
  5. I have had my PC for 2 months, with the XtremeGear 600W PSU inside.

    My AeroCool 2000 unit is now almost too dim to read, and my monitor has dimmed as well.

    I thought I read enough postings prior to ordering this unit, but I guess I should have read at least one more.

    This POS PSU should never be offered in a PC, let alone recommended....31A combined on the dual +12v rail, and all of a $26.00 unit.

    All CP offered was a RMA #, so I could pull the unit out of the computer and be without one until they can send me another $26.00 POS.

    I offered to pay the difference for the upgrade,,,they said "NO"

    I asked if I could get a new unit and then send the old one back,...they said "NO"... for this $26.00 unit? WOW!!!

    I will be posting everywhere humanly possible so maybe someone else won't fall victim to this PSU or CP.

    Bad customer service, worse business sense.
  6. I've been doing some digging, and XtremeGear is a subsidiary or some related, sister organization of Cyberpower. So I think what they do is buy ultra-cheap, low quality parts in bulk and slap the name XtremeGear on it. That way they're not only making money assembling PCs but also on many of the parts we moderately enthusiastic gamers take for granted and will choose in our build to shave off a little $$: PSU, heat sink etc.

    In any case, can you guys tell me what you think of these? I emailed cyberpower after placing my order and switched my XtremeGear parts to these:

    PSU: 750 Watts - Thermaltake W0308RU EVO
    FAN: Thermaltake V1 Gaming CPU Cooling Fan
  7. Max-

    I don't remember if I ever saw your full build specs. & would need to see those to provide an honest opinion. Generally speaking, those 2 components appear good to me, and are certainly much better than the 2 you upgraded from.

    I hope your unit performs better than mine, and with the Xtremegear junk out of the mix I think you will be fine.
  8. PWN
    both of those look ok of couse depends on entire system specs.
    I think Thermaltake is a decent power supply it may not be quite as good as some corsairs but its really decent i have 2 tough powers in my systems a 700w and a 750w and never had any issues and I have raid and sli and a powered sound card.
    Plus the overclock. The V1 is also a decent cooler not as good as a hyper212+ from what I have seen in reveiws but a decent one.
  9. I don't want to take over this thread with my specs, but here's a link to my build:

    I changed the initial build from the top of the thread, so with everything changed, it's a few screens down. Thanks for opinions all--
  10. Yes just like i said in the original thread it looks like a nice build.
    I think you will have a good system there ;)
  11. Ha! Wish I would have known this was a crap PSU. I got my system from CyberPower yesterday, and it ran for about 8 hours before a big "POP" and a flash of light or sparks shot out the back. The PSU was really hot, and the system was dead. I also had problems with the boot-up. It only booted about 3 of the 10 times I started it, but it seemed to be realted to my external harddrive. When I booted without it plugged in it worked, with it plugged in, it hung every time. I might have changed something wrong in the BIOS in reguards to boot sequence though. First time I turned the system on, it tried to boot off the external, so I changed that in the BIOS. Never got the chance to go back in and make sure I had it set up right...

    The CyberPower tech called me back and went on for about 20 mins about how an 800W supply wasn't enough for a i7560 system with a 580 gtx, and one hard drive (the external had its own power supply). I didn't even have time to bump the memory up from the 1066 they shipped it to me at (even though I paid extra for 2000Mhz capable mem). I told him he was full of sh t. The card draws peak power of 244W according to Nvidea, and they recommended a 600W total system supply for one video card. I bought one other system from them (about 4 years ago) and the only problem that one gave me was they shipped 600Mhz mem when I paid for 800Mhz.

    This will be the last time I buy anything from them.
  12. Like I have said in other threads you really have to act like your building it yourself.
    Do all the research on each part your going to put in the build like it was a build at home project.
    Hopefully your system is still under warranty and you can ship it back.
    I mean really if you think about it if you had ordered a cheapo PSU from newegg when building and it went pop the only help you would get would be PSU replacement.
    With CyberPower at least there is a full system warranty for a year.
    And you are right a good 800w PSU would have been plenty of power for your system.
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