PC won't start - screen flickering

please see attached picture of the screen,
no sounds whatsoever, no memory testing, nothing
just this screen 1 second after pressing power button

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  1. Try each stick one at a time and run memtest to check for errors. You can also try resetting the bios by removing the board battery with the system unplugged, then reinstall. Then start unplugging the hardrives(s) and see how far it will post. Standard troubleshooting procedures. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yFRXDRxGMco&feature=related
  2. not sure if your using a discreet graphics card, but if so check to make sure it's properly seated. also try removing and and reinstalling it. If it's onbard graphics then of course this will not help.
  3. you might also try plugging the monitor into another PC, just to be sure that it's not the problem.
  4. What are your system specifications?
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