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I have a tv with the ability to connect to a computer and that is what I use. I just bought a new computer but still want to use the programs on the old one. All I want to know if there is just a simple monitor cable that has a split end so I can connect both computers to the same monitor? I do not intend on useing both computer as the same time.
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  1. While this doesn't belong in the CPU section, I can answer your question. There is no cable but you want whats called a VGA switch. Its a small box that plugs two or more PCs into it and one monitor. You press a switch and it changes to which ever computer you have on that switch.
  2. And if you want to also use the same set of keyboard and mouse, it's called a KVM switch.
  3. jsc said:
    But if you want a DVI+USB one it pretty much starts at 80$ and I think most are limited to single-link DVI (resolution limited to 1920x1200) which isn't an issue for most, but still a limitation worth mentioning.
  4. You shouldn't need anything extra...just connect one up to the DVI and the other through VGA. Whichever computer is on will be the active input.
  5. yes for this you need a VGA Splitter cable which cost you around 10$-15$ VAT excluded. But the main thing is that in your TV also a slot for Cable to attach.
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