New Build , Good or Bad ?

How much will you Rate this SYstem , Can i call it Game SYSTEm ?

CPU: PhenomII 955 lack Edition 3.2Ghz
Mobo: MSI 790FX-GD70
Ram: SuperTalent 2x2GB DDR3 1333Mhz
VGA: MSI 6870 TwinFrozr2 1GB
PSU: POWER GREEN 535B-US ( i amde sure its 2x12V rail , v2.3 )

IS it Good, great, bad , crap !?!!? :pt1cable:

Let me Tell you , i am a gamer & i am not gonna risk my Hardwares & OC them , but away Single 6870 will Cover my Needs Since i am Gaming at 1440x900 ! ( low huh ? ) so forget Crossfire !

how much will you Rate ? am i ready to Have Great Gaming ? ( maxedout ? )
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  1. Yes you can max out @1440*900 with this build
    Rating 7 out of 10
  2. 7 for you or 7 for me . imo, when a SYSTEM can run All games maxedout then why 7 ?

    But anyway i think you rated it 7 because higher Cpus should rate Higher , or ia m just wrong

    Ok what about Incoming Games ? will they be Fine on my SYSTEM ? Crysis 2 , arma 2 New versions ! & ...COD 10 (lol)
  3. IS my PSU enough for my Needs ?
  4. It is enough since you are not planning to overclock or cossfire.
  5. it should be enough unless you crossfire
    Yes All the upcoming games should run fine @1440*900

    7 bcoz there may be lags @1080p and higher and there are more powerful components in the market
  6. For a gaming pc at 1440x900 you have a solid 10. At that resolution I will not expect any graphic hiccups. In fact your 6870 is overkill for that low resolution. Hell, even a 6850 is overkill. These are meant to game with med-high details at 1080p.
  7. +1 but not 10 but 8 due to high octane 16/16 board on a not so good PSU lol
  8. OK How Much Each Hardware will get out of 10 ? one by One

    I wanna know , have i choosed Good Parts
  9. CPU,GPU,Motherboard:10
    Reason:Ram Supertalent is not so popular and recommended by experts
    Reason:Local Brand not 80+Certified,May Take other components with it
  10. Oh you can See all info about the PSU that i choosed , here , it already has 2x12V & see for your Self :

    Info : GREEN/535B EPS / 535W REAL/ ATX 12V/ DUAL +12V RAILS WITH 36A/6 SATA Connectors /E-ATX 8pin connectors

    OK , is 535W Enough for what i choosed ? (brands & details aside )
  11. Its too important for me to Know , will 535W Easily feed the hardwares that i choosed ? rememeber no Crossfire , no OC .

    & then , I saw that Supertalent is American Btrand & its great for Ocing , i saw few Reviews & comments about it , they said great things about IT
  12. 2X12V Rails are not everything
    There are many other factors determing a good psu
    Efficency,Max Power Output on full load ..etc

    Supertalent may have good reviews
    Well it cannot outmatch G-Skill ,Corsair and Mushkin

    You said no overclocking
    Then why did u buy a RAM thts great for Ocing

    Well the ratings are based on computer hardware for gaming at 1440*900
  13. OK you didnt say , is 535W enough or NOT ? can my Hardwares Work Easily on that PSU ? even on Full lOad !
  14. yes cant assure 100%
    90% it will wotk on FULL LOAD
  15. Oh ok , so what if i get 635w Instead ? will i get 100% ?
  16. Few Questions
    Ram: is supertalent a good Brand ? because they say its Great for Ocing & for Natrual usage its More than Enough ! is that true

    mobo: MSI 790FX-GD70 has everything i need , is It Gaming ? will my Hardwares work 100% fast & fine ? ( Real Potential )

    CPU: phenom 955 has Great Reviews , but i dont know , what should i call this CPU , some people say its High END & is For High END systems , but some say it Will Bottleneck High ENd hardwares . i just wanna Make sure i am Geting Strong CPU which Cna handle anygame by ATI 6870 !

    I feel that ATI 6870 is too Strong & mobo & cpu is not that strong to handle it , but maybe truth is : the Hardwares that i choosed are all Great & match with together .

    Correct me plz
  17. Phenom 2 955 can handle ATI 6870 easily.
    Dont consider your ATI 6870 as too strong.It may be at your current resolution since you have taken an overkill gpu for that resolution.When coming to higher resolutions 1080p and above the 6870 bows its head against 69xxx and GTX 5xxx.

    Phenom 2 955 is a budget gaming cpu and not a high end or limited to high end systems

    Yes your hardware will work 100% fast and fine with MSI 790FX-GD70

    Supertalent is good but Corsair and Crucial are faster!
  18. CPU:fine Mobo:fine VGA:fine OK what about HDD ? its 7200RPM with 16M Buffer , its HITACHI , is it GOod Brand ?

    RAM: When will i notice the Difference between Supertalent & Corsair ?
    isnt OCZ better than ALL ? isnt Supertalent Great ?

    can you List best ram brands to Worst ?
  19. Oh butaway , there is 6 ?uestion Mark ! so Please Do me a Favor & answer them all , thanks a lot Bro .

    I am no Ordering ( dont getme wrong ) , i am Asking you SO NICE & peaceful Y !
  20. In HDD Segment Samsung Spinpoint and Western Digital take centerstage
    Seagate too is a reliable brand.Hitachi is good too but get blown out in comparison to top two

    Supertalent is great only if u have a ram of frequency 1866 and overclock it
    The 1066/1333 Rams are average in performance while g skill,Mushkin and corsair tops this segment
    OCZ have been a quality brand but there have been negative
    reviews about it in recent years.They are providing products that are offering low perfomance in comparison to other brands
    Corsair has better warranty more reliable and dominates at stock speed
  21. OH so HDD : should be one of These OK
    RAM : i ordered SuperTalent & i still have the Chance to Give it BAck , Can i just Keep & & experience Great Computing with it ?
  22. You can keep it it will give you good performance
  23. thanks
    HDD : i heard that Hitachi 7200 RPMs ar faster than Seagate . my Ordered HDD is Hitachi , i dont know should i change it or keep it ?
  24. Oh I should say that its Not a Special Type of Supertalnet , just a natrual Supertalent ! thats all , IF you Could List TOp 5 Brands of ram then it would be better !

    i wanna Know Where supertalent is in Worlds Best Ram Brands , is it Suitable for gaming system ?
  25. IF i get 635 Real power Supply , can i OC my CPU or VGA or Ram easily ? or EVEN crossfire 2 6870 ? or i need something ore than 635 ?

    I think 635 is more than enough for My natrual usage ( without OC or CF ) right ?
  26. No OC it will lead to prblms since the PSU is local
    2 6870 with that Local Brand IIMMPPOOSSSSIIBBLLEE
    It should be enough if u dnt oc and cf but local brands can be nasty
    if a power surge occurs it could take the cpu mobo and gpu with it
    My Personal recommendation is Antec Seasonic Corsair XFX Silverstone or Enermax
    If u dnt oc and cf 500W of any of these brands adequate
    if OC and CF 700W of any of these brands

    Note This does not imply on local brands like the one you selected which will mostly be overrated and a 635 watt PSU in reality only produce 450W in full load
  27. soshy said:
    HDD : i heard that Hitachi 7200 RPMs ar faster than Seagate . my Ordered HDD is Hitachi , i dont know should i change it or keep it ?

    Keep it
  28. soshy said:
    Oh I should say that its Not a Special Type of Supertalnet , just a natrual Supertalent ! thats all , IF you Could List TOp 5 Brands of ram then it would be better !

    i wanna Know Where supertalent is in Worlds Best Ram Brands , is it Suitable for gaming system ?

    The List

    A Data
    Super talent
  29. Oh thanks a lot ! They was USefull , I think i have enough info now . Thanks again !
  30. my pleasure
  31. sr26 has the patience of a saint ^^

    I just want to emphasize his point on getting a different PSU if you can, especially if you ever want to give overclocking and/or Crossfire a try. You can check out for good info and reviews on PSUs.

    Wattage isn't the most important thing to consider. Stability, quality, and the amperage on the 12v rail (single or "double") are more important. I only buy PSU's from the following brands:

    PC Power & Cooling

    There are other good ones but I've always stuck to those ones. Look up reviews for "Crossfire 6870" and check out the power consumption charts to get an idea of how much wattage you will need.

    Also, if you're using 1440x resolution, just get a 6850.

  32. Thnaks uh , but away i am stuck on geting Between these To PSUs , both are Green ( DOnt talk about brand PLz ) i know what i am doing , those Brands are good but , Green is Stable option for Elec of Iran !


    635 watt has Better Features but it Didnt Mentioned that is Dual v12 rail but 535 did , now which one is Better ? 635 one is 80+!

    Please Lets ONLY TALK ABOUT THIS ! PLZ PLZ PLZ ! no more brand converstion or other things , just the Thing i mentioned ok >???!
  33. oh Compare thos 2 with this One TOO !
  34. soshy said:
    oh Compare thos 2 with this One TOO !

    Go with this its pretty good
  35. Oh shes hot , but what about this one ?

    is it Enough for Single ATI 6870 & phenom 955 ? at Full load ? 175W+175W for both of them at Full load !
  36. AGain , see if this oNe is Great too !
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