Can a HDMI splitter run dual monitors?

I recently got my dual monitors up and running. (2x 37" LCD LG TV's) The set up is:-
Monitor 1- G-Card--->HDMI cable--> TV
Monitor 2- G-Card--->VGA/RGB splitter--->RGB Cable---> TV
It works prefectly, EXCEPT for that one monitor is HD, and the other is not.
I was wondering if:-
G-Card---> HDMI splitter---> 2 different HDMI's, both going into the different tv's would work? Instead of just duplicating the image.
Please help, or tell me another way to get both Displays in HD? :)
(Don't know what to put as sub-category.)
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  1. Splitter is just that, it splits the video once it leaves your video card, anything attached to that will get the same image.

    What connection are you using exactly for the second monitor? Why not just run VGA cable to the TV instead of the RGB cable. If it's an LCD TV they should all have a VGA input. Your issue is that you are degrading the signal and RGB is not designed for HD images, unless you are talking about Component video (3 color cables to an HD input). But even component will have some issues (from wiki: "Component video connectors are not unique in that the same connectors are used for several different standards; hence, making a component video connection often does not lead to a satisfactory video signal being transferred. Many DVD players and TVs may need to be set to indicate the type of input/output being used, and if set incorrectly the image may not be properly displayed. Progressive scan, for example, is often not enabled by default, even when component video output is selected.")
  2. So, will a normal VGA be in HD?
    I'm not really good at computing. But I think surely there's a way to have both displays in HD. :S
  3. My laptop can push 1080p to my Samsung LCD with no problems over the 15 pin vga connector.
  4. popatim said:
    My laptop can push 1080p to my Samsung LCD with no problems over the 15 pin vga connector.

    Thanks for the info, I'll grab a cable tomorrow! :)
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