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I have a Windows 7 PC that refuses to boot. Earlier, when I used to turn my PC on, it went up to the screen where it it shows the windows 7 icon at the time of booting and then it would "reset"(restart the booting process). But it would start properly in the safe mode.

I went ahead and created a new partition and tried to install windows 7 again. But i couldn't even install windows. The same thing happens again.

Makes me wonder what could it be?

Any help is truly appreciated. Thanks.

PC specs:
8400 3Ghz CPU
4850 Gfx Card
2GB Corsair RAM
MSI Platinum MoBo
Corsair 450W PSU
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  1. If the system boots OK in Safe Mode, you usually have some kind of driver problem.
  2. Hey jsc, you are right, but what puzzles me is the fact that it used to start perfectly in safe mode but not in normal mode and also the fact that why the hell is it affecting a new installation?
  3. Let me sum it up:

    Windows 7
    Originally, I had Win 7 on my system. PC restarted automatically at a certain point at boot time(a little after the Windows logo at boot). Safe mode worked FINE. I decided to reinstall but could not install afresh as the restart problem (which was still present) did not allow Win 7 setup to complete.

    Windows Vista

    When I could not install Windows 7, I tried installing Vista. Windows Vista Setp completed properly. When I tried to install the ATI drivers(I tried 2 versions: 10.12 and 11.2; both with catalyst and only driver), the PC would not boot but hang at a point of time(a little after the Windows logo) similar to where Win 7 would restart. Again, Safe mode works FINE.

    How is it that the safe mode works fine(with Windows VGA drivers) and when I try to install the ATI drivers, does it fail to boot?
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