I am tryinhg to find a cheap video card in my area to hld me over till new system build, the only one I found is a GTS 250 http://www.staples.ca/ENG/Catalog/cat_sku.asp?webid=867518&CatIds=&AffixedCode=WW&=&=&=

but my psu only has 1 6 pin connector, I need to know if there's anyway I can use this card with this PSU


I read somewhere about molar connectors but im unsure what that mean's or how to use it.

Thank You.

and if that doesn't work does a psu with 1 6+2 power connector work for the gts 250? h ere's the psu

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  1. Try looking on newegg.ca
    There are many much newer, better cards than the GTS 250. For instance, the Radeon 5770 is faster and uses less power. Or if you wanted to spend a little more, a GTX 460 768mb. If you are stuck on the GTS 250, though, newegg has those too.
  2. i know i just bought this to hold me over till a new build, I heard I can use a molex thingy but i bought one and am not sure what 4 pin connectors to use, there's 4 of em on my psu and I don't know if it matters what ones to use or not.
  3. @ kevmachine: It does n't matter, most PSUs draw their power from common internal connections, so just use which spare molex (4 pin) you have.
    Have you bought the GTS250 or just thinking about it BTW? As has been said already, there are better cards out there that only need a single PCI-E connector.
    And why the change? Did the previous card die, or is this an upgrade?
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