I just got a brand new 6970 for christmas, and two more dell 22inch monitors. I'd like to setup eyefinity but in all the research i've done, the cable needed is still a bit confusing. I'm going to be running all three monitors in DVI and i'm aware that I need an ACTIVE mini display to dvi for it to work. (the 6970 has two mini display ports) This is what i ordered:

Will this work for running three monitors? Two of them from the DVI connections and the third with that mini display to dvi cable.

Thanks in advanced.
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  1. Bump, can someone please reply? I don't want to regret my order haha. I need to know if I need to get a different cable, because i'd really like to have this setup done before the week is over..
  2. looks like it will
  3. Heres a list of AMD validated dongles:

    Tell me how it goes =D I'm building an eyefinity with a 6970 as well
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