Looking to upgrade from a 5850

As the thread title suggests, I want to upgrade from a 5850. I'm currently running a Sapphire 5850 (NOT toxic or vapor-x), and an AMD PIIx4 955 with a 650w Corsair PSU, with a Samsung 23" monitor at 1920x1080.

I was thinking about crossfiring another 5850 with the one I've got since you can get one on Newegg for $180 right now after rebate (and with a lifetime warranty)

I would be completely decided right now if I didn't also have to buy a PSU with the card since my Corsair can't quite run the two 5850's. I've read around in a bunch of different forums and it seems like my 650W Corsair could barely run the cards if it had the correct connectors and I didn't have to use adapters for the PCI-e 6-pins.

Also, my thoughts on upgrading my PSU is to upgrade it so that I don't have to buy one for a good long while, regardless of what I put in my computer, so I want to get a 950W+ PSU, preferable Corsair, Kingwin, Antec, or similar.

I'm currently looking at a couple different options. First and foremost, a pair of 6850's will run on my PSU and absolutely decimate stuff. The only thing is, it basically leaves no upgrade options for me since you can't triple crossfire 6850's. Then again, by the time I'd need to upgrade 6850's, the next gen of cards will be out...

The other thing I'm looking at is going with either a Radeon 6950 or waiting to get a GTX 560 in January.

As you can see, I've given this a lot of thought, but I'm still undecided haha.
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  1. Your power supply should be fine crossfired HD5850s really.
    Otherwise the HD6950 can be unlocked into an HD6970 which makes it a nice choice for the money.
  2. ^+1 Your PSU should handle 2 x 5850 just fine. All you need is molex to PCIe adapters if your PSU is the TX650
  3. You don't need a new psu for two 5850's. I saw 5850 today for $160.
  4. Get another 5850, Crossfire, game, be happy. A 650W Corsair PSU should be enough for your system. Worst case scenario is under 600W with furmark, which is not representative of actual gaming. I got a 950W PSU myself simply so I can upgrade to more power hungry cards one day if I so choose ^_^
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