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Hey, recently I've noticed that my CPU idle Temps have jumped up quite a bit than what they used to run. The temps use to go around mid 30s to 40C. Now I get this

I don't have a stock cooler, but an Xtreme Gear 120mm Watercooler with Fan. The outside Temp has gotten higher than it used to be since summer is fast approaching and it regularly gets up to around 90 to 95F. I guess my main question would be is this the cause of the extra 15 to 20C that I am seeing? And what would be the best way to improve these temps, besides getting it to a cooler place which I am working on at the moment.

My basic specs are

i7 870 2.93GHz 8M LGA 1156
6GB ram
The aforementioned cooler.
No over clocking,
Total of 3 case mounted fans.
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  1. Just played STO for about 30 minutes and the temps went up to around 70C... Any help would be appreciated.
  2. over 30 views and no one has replied? :(
  3. My temps are similar with my I5 760 which is a similar CPU to the I7, except the I7 has HT. Mines a stock cooler though, have you tried using a different CPU monitor? I get around 45c idle. and 68 load on BFBC2/Metro 2033.
  4. I have used CPUTemp and RealTemp.... is there a better one?
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