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So I was on my desktop surfing the web and it shut off on its own. Waited to see if it came back on by itself and when it didn't tried to hit the power button and it still didn't turn on. I looked around the house and saw that all the lights were on and the other computers still on showing no signs of a brown out or power outage.

I looked in my case and noticed the lights on my Ethernet port that are usually lit up were out and that my mouse that is usually lit up even when the computer is off also wasn't lit up . So I was wondering if my power supply is dead.

If you have any suggestions on things I can try to see if its dead or not that would be much appreciated. Also if anyone has any suggestions for computer tools I should have in my tool box to see if components are bad general would also be appreciated. Thanks everyone.
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  1. when a computer just shuts off its normally one of 2 things. 1 - the CPU has overheated, in which case, leave it for a 1/2 hr or so to cool down and try powering on again. or 2 - the psu is faulty, or something it shorted out pulling down the psu. Also, the above youtube link tests the psu will power on, but doesnt test the rails under load.
  2. I left it for about six hours and tried it again with no dice. Also tried the paper clip thing and the power supply didn't turn on during the test. So I guess it is the power supply right?

    Do you have a recommended tool to test the power supply under load?
  3. yes, if the psu shows no signs of life with the paperclip test, unless you used the wrong pins, the psu is dead. There is no point testing it under load if its completely dead.
  4. New power supply arrived .... and computer is up and running huzzah! Guess it was the power supply after all. Thanks for all the help. :)
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