GTX 460 , ATI 6870 , 5850, 6850 . all Questions that you might ask be

Hi , :sol:

I need lenght of these cards & the Smallest ( shortest ) brand !

for example if you say X card is 9.5 long then say that for example XFX brand is making Shortest Version , 8.0 inch with , with no performance difference

OK here u go . ( OC ed version = Not interested :D )

Shortest & best Brand :
Best Brands:

5850 :
Shortest & best Brand :
Best Brands:

GTX 460 :
Shortest & best Brand :
Best Brands:

ATI 6850 :
Shortest & best Brand :
Best Brands:

Oh if you had a time then plz answer these questions too , thanks a lot

1.i heard ATI new 6000 offers more AA ( more Edge Smoothness ) better Imgae Quality
2.Does GTX 460 support DX 11 as ATI card S ?
3.Which one is better than the other one IN Almost all Games ( heavy ones , first or third person games & not Strategic games ( hte games that is from above ) )

4.Can i run all of them Fine on Cooler Master Silent pro 600W ?
5. ocing ias not important so we are only talking about Stock Speeds !
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  1. asus, msi, and gigabyte are generally the best brands, also if going nvidia then evga belongs on the list

    dunno and am not looking at card sizes... sorry not a size queen ;) but i'll answer your other questions

    1) ati has mlaa which adds aa to non aa titles, its useful in older games and in games, also it can replace aa not as good looking as real aa in most cases, but it takes a much lower tole on your graphics card

    2) all the 4 series and above are dx11 compatable

    of the above the 6870 edges out the 460 1 gb in most titles, however they trade blows, also that is stock for stock, soem of the overclocked 460's will beat where you can even take a 6870 so it honestly depends on if you are willing to either buy an overclocked card or if you are willing to overclock the card you get if willing to the 460 would usually be best if not willin got then 6870

    4) not all of them at the same time no... but you should be able to run one of any of the above cards at a time

    5) overclocking is always important but this is less of a question and mroe of a statment but as said above if unwilling to overclock or buy an overclocked card then 6870 is for you .. should be noted that contrary to belief overclocking doesn't always void your warrenty in some cases good companies actually encourage you to (see evga)

    *edited for spelling.. why am i bad at spelling am i 3 >_<
  2. 4) oh sorry i meant each of them with that PSU , My english is horrible ( very Bad )

    Ok ok , Thanks but u only compared GTX 460 & ATI 6870 but i want you to compare all of them with together ! Ok & about my First Question

    Sorry i didnt get , you mean that ATI cards dont bring aa as Great as Nvidia cards ? or you meant they have something better for AA of games , better than nvidia cards

    & new & important Question :

    Can you list all Things that ATi Has & Nvidia Doesnt & Nvidia has & ATI doesnt ?

    forexample Nvidia has Physx & ati doesnt

    But i want much more Details about the Quality That Cards produce !
    For example which one in which Condetion & why ( for example ) make more Frams , Or quality , every thing verything that will clear both cards Good & bad Sides
  3. Back so soon?
  4. Oh man , Ok ok , i like this site , i realy like to ask Questions , you know i cant be enemy with no one , but if you wanna ban me so go ahead , but WHY when every thing is JUST fine ?

    utaway have you any answer for my Thread ?
  5. I wondered How do you Find me ? from IP or from Questions that Can easily Show that what kind of Stupid Person has wrote it ? i know my English is bad , questions are stupid So thats why i am hear to Fix Both thing !

    But i realy know much about PC , i mean i am Improving it ... To be IT pro ! or something , maybe a Game Maker , Pro Programer !
  6. the 6850 falls in performance below a 6870 and below a 460 1 gig

    the 5850 can often beat a stock clock 460 1 gig and a 6870, sorry i for some reason thought you had typed 5750 and was like ... why is this even on the list with the other cards

    as for thins ati has the nvidia doesn't and vice-versa

    ati has eyefinity ie you cna use 3 monitors at once with only one card, nvidia 3d surround requres 2 cards to have more than 2 monitors

    nvidia has physx and CUDA, if you don't knwo what cuda is then you don't need it but physx is used in some games so its worth noting however even though i have an nvidia card i leve physx off as it takes alot of performance off a game on lower cards liek mine (gts 450) on the 460 it probably would be fine to have physx on at most resolutions

    the 5850 is better than both as a single card but if you plan to sli or crossfire the 460's or 6870's will scale better.

    single card though the 5850 is a real bargin atm as they are being phased out and its mostly just getting rid of current stock

    as for uality of the card it depends on the oem that makes them. i usually recomend the barnds i previously did due to build quality you usually get solid caps, good cooling, goor soldering, and overall just a much better long lasting card. you can't compare a 6850 build quality to a 6870 , a 460, or 5850 without mentioning a brand.

    for example take my card its mediocre but works a asus TOP direct CU gts 450

    a great well built card, now say you buy a cheapo refrance 460

    nwo that card WILL most definatly out preform mine no question about it... but in 3-4 years you could pretty much guaruntee the asus board is still gonna be running... probably not the case with the galaxy

    the point is you have to give specific boards to compare quality
  7. Great Comprasion but I believe these Benchmakrs are :

    For one Second & I think the Benchmark that shows how long those 60 FPS can last in game is Important , For example you may see Slow down while Playing Games with 6850 ( frames get Less while gaming ) , how can i explain , didnt you see Benchmarks that show a Long Duration of Fps in games & not benchmakrs & show only One time benchmakrs ?

    After that its Only One Game . Arma 2 , crysis , gta Iv havnt been in there

    Any way should i trust these benhcmarks ? arnt they Fake ?
  8. fake would be bechmarks that are syntheric liek 3dmark11

    games are a good comparison and legitimate you load the game benchmark, the same scene plays out and it records results and gives average top and bottom fps, if alot is going on fps may drop if little changes then it will likely give higher fps depends on how much is going on and how much rendering ahs to be done

    really how many seconds a game will stay over 60 fps is relative. if you play an fps and ar ein a stealth lvl without many explosions probably a while if you are in mid battle with 40-50 people in online play explotions everywhere it'll take a hit to fps depending on the card, none of the ones listed shoudl have any problem with most first or thrid person shooters
  9. Thanks a Lot , Can you give me the URL that i would Find Each cards Size ?

    or if u can say which brands make shortest of them , what will be Great
  10. How can i change my Name in Tomshardware site , Versus is some kind of Crap name , i wish i could change it ! is there any way ?
  11. size will vary card for card as linked above this is just the 6850,2794.html

    and you can see the size ranges from 8.9-9.7 inches long, 4.4-4.8 inches long, with weight differences 18-27 ounces

    even refrence cards might have custom cooelers, and nonrefrence boards with custom pcb's can be larger or smaller rdepending on the manifacturer specs, usually when you look up a cardit'll have the info in the tech specs but there's no set size for any card

    as for changing the name you'd have to start a new account, but there is nothign wrong with versus, i think it is a good name
  12. You keep spamming the forums and insulting the mods here and you want everyone to believe that you like this site and need your questions answered?
    Look for another forum,there is no place for you here.
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