CPU/MB overheating?


I have an Acer desktop with an Intel Q8300 CPU and it has been getting all sorts of BSODs as of late. I'm pretty sure it's an overheating problem because

1) Speedfan shows an idle temp of 54C right after booting up!

2) There's a setting in the BIOS called SmartFan control. If I disable it and therefore the fan(s) run at full speed (4300rpm), the idle temp drops to 41C and the frequency of BSODs drops significantly.

Now my questions is:

1) Can I be sure that it's indeed an overheating issue? The computer was fine up until very recently and has no driver/memory etc problems whatsoever.

2) If so, how should I address that? Right now I can get by by leaving the fan running at full speed, but it's extremely noisy. I'm wondering if anyone know what's broken and how that should be fixed.

Any advice is greatly appreciated!
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  1. Either get an aftermarket cooler....or.....pull the heatsink and apply some new thermal paste...then reseat the heatsink......Also check to make sure that the heatsink and fan are seated firmly.....It may have worked itself loose
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