ASUS EAH5570 or XFX 5570

Hi guys,
Im gonna buy a new Graphic card, and i think im gonna decide for one of these 2..
These 2 have the same chipset but the price isnt the same, wich one should i buy ?
(The Asus one is cheaper)

Motherboard: ASUS M4N68T-M V2
Processor: AMD Athlon II X4 Quad-Core 640 (3.0 Ghz)
Ram: 4 Gb ( DDR-3 1333)
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  1. I've had better luck with XFX but thats just me.
  2. depends on the xfx, if you are looking at the ddr3 xfx then yes they are the same card mostly

    main difference is one is low profile (asus) and other unless you found a xfx 5570 low profile that isn't on newegg then depends on what you need.

    i prefer asus to xfx myself, but in this case the xfx has a lifetime warrenty vs the 3 years on the asus.. of coarse as with all low end cards the question is in 3 years would you care if it broke as its worthless at that point anyway and replacable with a finskey on ebay
  3. damn ye..
    Im trying to look for a good graphic card that isnt too much expensive, because im gonna pay for it ...
    Im looking for something like:
    and less than 90€
  4. it boils down to cost, both are about the same, i prefer asus but xfx has a better warrenty than asus so thats worth factoring in.

    the asus if you need low profile is important if low profile isn't then its a nonissue.

    both are fine for low res gaming at medium settings or for a home theatre pc. for the price they are good cards
  5. myeh..
    i checked some other Graphic cards and for 96€ i can buy a ASUS EAH5670 1GB GDDR5.
    The question is, will it worth it if im gonna play Call of duty black ops or GTA ?
  6. for blackops yes, for gta... well gta is a terribly programed game and can run terrible on very pricy cards

    that said the 5670 will run gta better than the 5570

    also the ddr5 is a huge advantage over ddr3 or ddr2

    if you can afford it then yes that'd be a much rmoe powerufl option

    here's some benched on MW:2 on a 5670 the game engine is almsot the same so performance will be about the same,2533-9.html

    even at high res CoD shoudl be playable

    couldn't find benchmarks of gta iv on 5670 but seems liek it'd be playable
  7. thank you so much :]
    i think im gonna choose the 5670 :]
    once again, thanks!
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